Me & My Goings On

Recent recruit to WordPress. Creative writer, poet lyricist…well I think so anyway.

I shall let you judge for yourself.


Changing Seasons
Before you arrived, autumn was never my favourite season. Hands feet and other extremities growing ever colder. The nights shortening until I lived in perpetual darkness. I walked through the park, fallen leaves scarcely cushioned my loneliness. The warm colours left me cold; the rich golds poor consolation for my solitude. Your being in my life in autumn made an unbelievable difference. Everyone noticed the change. A presence that lifted my spirits & lightened my step bringing radiance to my life that nothing and no one could previously match.
The season that before had seemed to just trail into the cold of winter became a season of change for the better. A pathway to another brighter warmer world.
The winter wasn’t so hard to face together. Building dreams and a future. Huddling over hot drinks and looking forward to the festive season. In former years this had felt like a thankless chore but this was so much better.
Our lives blossomed in springtime goaded by the light & warmth like tender shoots emerging from the earth, Time spent outdoors was a joy and the brightness of each day brought new adventures into our lives. Just walking through fields seeing new life beginning brought such incredible joy.
Summer arrived and the radiant warmth seeped into our bodies. Long days stretched endlessly before us, followed by nights when it was hard to tear ourselves away from the star laden sky often just loitering on the edge of slumber to catch the dawn arriving.
But time runs out. Lives change. Autumn returned as the season of dread.Trees dropping leaves as if they were shedding bronze tears, until there were no more to be shed. Cold seeping through my bones warning me of what lies ahead. Hard grey skies to match my moods. An ending of all the hopes & dreams. The season that before had seemed to herald happiness and warmth would again just trail into the cold of winter.


Pride in Erdington

Some people moan about things local and citywide.
But here we just get on with it as Erdington has PRIDE
Whilst others think that we’re no good and always do us down
Just look around and see what we have made of our small town.
Refined and swanky we may not be but we’ve got loads of PRIDE,
Just have a look at Erdington and then you can decide.
Other places are boarded up and still think they can boast
But Erdington has good hearted folk and that’s what helps the most.
We don’t let misery drag us down or snivel, whinge and moan
Erdington people get on with it and look after their own.
So do us all a favour and if you’re not on our side,
Keep it to yourself because in Erdington, there’s PRIDE.



He came from another planet with questions in his eyes.
He had no use for food and drink; to learn, his only prize.
To touch and sense, to know and care, to see what could be seen.
Unfortunately, all he found was humans, harsh and mean.

How could he have foreseen that everybody would suspect
His motives, which their twisted minds could scarcely recollect
From former times, when they had all been able to enjoy
True happiness, which subsequently they’d chose to destroy.
He asked if he could live among their kind and learn their ways.
So they worked out the cost, then multiplied it by the days
That they thought it would take the creature to become adept
At all their wondrous skills and know the secrets that they kept.

However what they did not count upon was that this being
Had already started learning and absorbed all he was seeing.
So though they thought that he was green, deserving of their spite,
By now, he was as bad as them and chose to use his might.
Not muscle power and violence, the tools they would have used
He gave them back their innocence so they might be abused
By greedy grasping beings with no use for being kind.
Then left without a decent thought for humans in his mind.


April Fool

When we met it was April first, for me it felt like April worst.
You soon became a moaning bore and everything was such a chore,
So my ex friend to you I say don’t be a fool just go away.
Please leave I just don’t need you near, your voice I do not wish to hear.
Your constant griping is a pain that I don’t need to feel again.
I was a fool to be your friend and now you see it has to end.
Just go, the door is right behind & far more open than your mind.
You think the world is for your pleasure & friends you use in such great measure
Believe me I like to be alone; if I want a chat I can use the phone.
My life was better before I knew you, if only I had seen right through you.
Your company is like a throbbing bruise, an ache that I would gladly lose.
So please before I go insane, clear off and don’t come back again.
That look of shock on your vapid face, my memory will soon erase.
I don’t like you, you don’t like me. On that at least we should agree.
So find someone else to play your game, forget my number & my name.
I need you like a hole in the head; I’d rather keep a snake instead.
No, don’t tell me I’m just in a mood, or I’ll say something really rude.
When we met it was April one, now the whole sad saga is over & done.


Still it’s Love

The love that dare not speak its name
The love that hangs its head in shame
That knows not from whence it came
Still its name is love.

We looked then looked away again
We knew that it was sin & shame.
We could not help but feel the flame
The flame that burns as love.

Always aware to stay apart
Always an ache deep in the heart
The time we had to spend apart
We always knew as love.

The stolen time that meant so much
The furtive kiss the hidden touch
Not daring to express as such
The things we hid for love.

Years passed; we need to hide no more.
No longer kept behind closed door,
Yet time we lost could not restore
Time running out for love.

The loss I could not even share
The family who did not care
Even though they saw me there.
They never felt such love.

So on that day that I slip away
I know what I will find
No wasted tears, just wasted years.
But we still called it love.